The Healthy Mix Print Book + Free e-book


$24.95 AUD (Includes GST) plus Shipping and Handling costs. International orders accepted.

Please note: You will receive an immediate download link for your digital e-book from SendOwl. 

About the book: A collection of 25 recipes, which have helped me with my 39 kg weight loss journey. This book is filled with healthy, yet delicious recipes. 

A complimentary meal plan, template and shopping list will be sent with your free digital e-book for pre-sale orders. Full colour photographs are provided throughout, with stunning A4 off-set printing on high quality, bound stock.

•    All recipes are or have suggestions for gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free.
•    Full nutritional information, including calories per serve, is provided for each recipe.
•    Throughout the book you will find LCHF and Super Skinny suggestions. These suggestions provide guidance on how to easily adapt these recipes if you are on a low carb/healthy fat or very low calorie diet.

 You can view the Contents Here.